Bringing British Panto to Sacramento…

But now we’re branching out!

We here at Splinter Group Theatre started as a splinter off of City Theatre so we could bring more panto to Sacramento. And we have done that… that is why, in 2022, we are going to bring another favorite to Black Box Stage in West Sacramento – “Woody Guthrie’s American Song.”

Woody Guthrie’s American Song is an ensemble musical theater piece adapted from the songs and writings of “America’s premiere folk poet.” The show uses Guthrie’s storytelling to create narrative contexts for his music: the song “Bound For Glory” is sung in a crowded freight car heading west in the 1930s, a scene vividly described in Guthrie’s autobiography. (To read this scene, see “Script Sample” under “rights” tab.) Another scene from his book, which takes place in a camp for migrant workers in Redding, California in 1938, becomes the setting for an evening of shared songs and stories. Throughout the play, the importance of music in helping people find meaning in their lives is always at the fore. (The Play — Woody Guthrie’s American Song (

Woody comes to this stage on March 10 for 8 performances. Tickets are now available. COVID protocols are changing around the state. Currently, proof of vaccination and valid ID are required to attend, and masks are currently required within city buildings in West Sacramento.

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We are just a group of folks who like to panto and have been doing it for 15 years. And now we’re branching out!


Join us in March 2022 for “Woody Guthrie’s American Song.”

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What is panto?

A 150 year old British tradition…imported to America.

We’re Branching Out!