Scribe’s Log – November 19, 1863 – 5:15 pm WMT

Jumpin’-figgin’-Josephat! Isn’t there any commonly-recognized sense of privacy upon this boat? No, not to any degree that the truly civilized whaling man

Scribe’s Log – November 19, 1863 – 5:12 pm WMT

First Mate Starbucks would like to inform the record that he has received word of a recently-enacted ordinance banning totally the use

Scribe’s log – June 25, 1842 – 7:24 pm WMT

Alright, it now needs to be said that Ishmael becomes completely insufferable when he talks about whales. He’s only been on this

Scribe’s Log – June 21, 1842 – 11:18 am WMT

Stow-aways! The captain appears to have secretly brought on board 3 additional employees, unbeknownst to me or to anyone else at the