It’s Panto Time!

You’ve seen the film! Played the game! Pretended to read the book in 9th Grade! Now, you can experience Moby Dick, the Panto! Join Ahab and friends, as they pursue the dreadful fish, Moby Dick! See Moby chase them back! Find out if anyone does really call him Ishmael! Duck the flying wee harpoons! As our 9th grade English teacher, Ms. Maria says: “Moby Dick, what’s not to like? It’s “Important Literature,” and it tastes good! ” Guaranteed holiday fun for the whole family, with unstoppable interactive craziness, and lots of candy! From the same folks who brought you British Panto for the last 15 years!

Moby Dick runs Dec. 14 – 23, 2023.

Ahab:  Jonathan Plon
Ishmael: Mia Matiste
Moby Dick: James Gilbreath
Pip:   Breanna Reilly
Qua- Quadraphenia, Harpooner: Shannon Poe
Starbucks, 1st Mate: Jonathan Blum
Schmee,  2nd mate: Sean Thomas Olivares
Flask, Harpooner:  Jake Brooks
King Dragon, Harpooner:  Joy Gee
Knotty Pine,  3rd mate: Kacie Isosaki
Writey McWriteface, embedded Scribe: James Laferrierre
Sad face Bob, Sailor: Robin Sanchez
Horse 1: Tem Huerta
Horse 2: Veronica Dressel
Dickette/Hench (Sebastiana/Thing 1): Kathleen Poe
Dickette/Hench (Nomo/Thing 2):  Matthew Malone
Dickette/Hench (Deery/Thing 3): Christine Nicholson

Tickets now available! Don’t miss this delightful holiday tradition.

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